High speed cold storage door (Model: T201)

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Food industry, cold chain logistics, agriculture and animal husbandry, medicine/medical appliance in the  constant temperature and humidity places


  1. Automatic and fast door cycle  improves logistics efficiency
  2. Tight seal and insulated  curtain reduce air flow, energy  transmission to save energy,  and protect against bad weather  and dust-free
  3. Flexible curtain without rigid  elements avoids injuries and  damages, which is safe for  personnel and/or equipment
  4. Self-reinserting door curtain  avoids down-time


Applicationinterior doors
Maximum size (W*H)4,000 mm x 6,000 mm
Opening speed1.5 m/s-2.8 m/s
Closing speed0.5 m/s-1.2 m/s
Opening and closing frequency>60 cycles/hour
Frame structuregalvanized zinc-coated steel (option: stainless steel)
Reel materialstainless steel
Side guide stripreinforced polyethylene with antifreeze/heat wire
Motorpower: 1.5 KW, IP rating: IP65
Control systemcontrol box-switch button, emergency stop, power switch,

operating information feedback, IP rating: IP 65

Safety device100% soft bottom edge, photoelectric protection on the door  rail,  wireless safety soft bottom edge protection system  (option: safety grating)
Voltage Frequencysingle-phase/220V-13A frequency:50-60Hz
Air / Water permeabilityclass I according to EN12426 / EN12425
Wind loadclass I according to EN12424
Curtain colors

RAL 5002

RAL 1003

RAL 7046

RAL 2004

Recommended operating temperature-30℃ up to+5℃


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Product Name: High speed cold storage door (Model: T201)