High speed clean room door (Model: D669)

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Place of Origin: China
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Electronic manufacturing, agriculture and animal husbandry, food industry, logistics, tobacco,  medicine/medical appliance, printing/packaging, textile industry


  1. Compact structure, tight air permeability and water permeability, seamless curtain keeps from dust, humidity and debris, easy to clean;
  2. High opening and closing  speed to allow smooth traffic  flows of personnel and  material/equipment
  3. Self-reinserting door curtain  avoids down-time
  4. Flexible curtain without rigid  elements avoids injuries and  damages, which is safe for  personnel and/or equipment


Applicationinterior doors
Maximum size (W*H)3,000 mm x 3,200 mm
Opening speed1.5 m/s-2.1 m/s
Closing speed0.5 m/s-1.2 m/s
Opening and closing frequency>60 cycles/hour
Automatic resetyes, two-way automatic reset after impact
Frame structurealuminum alloy
Side guide stripreinforced polyethylene
Door curtain materialPVDF reinforced industrial base cloth, PVC window
Motorpower:0.75 KW, IP rating:IP54
Control systemcontrol box-switch button, emergency stop, power switch,

operating information feedback, IP rating: IP54

Safety device100% soft bottom edge, photoelectric protection on the door  rail,  wireless safety soft bottom edge protection system  (option: safety grating)
Voltage Frequencysingle-phase/220V- 6.5A  frequency:50-60Hz
Curtain colors

RAL 5002

RAL 1003

RAL 7046

RAL 2004

Recommended operating temperature+5℃ up to +40℃


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Product Name: High speed clean room door (Model: D669)