High Speed Roll-up Door

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High Speed Roll-Up Door Supplier in China

We are a 23,000 square-meter space that is situated in Mengjin County, Luoyang City, Henan Province. It has a highly skilled technical staff and state-of-the-art production equipment. We are among China’s first producers of high speed roll-up door. We can provide customers across many sectors with a comprehensive solution. Thus, thanks to our 27 years of expertise and technological research.

Since 2010, the business has been expanding into foreign markets. We currently sell our products throughout the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, among other areas. Our company’s motto is “Quality first, service best.” However, we use this idea to market our goods and services globally.

Advantages of Branding

We made the strategic choice to establish our corporate offices and production facilities in less expensive inland locations to provide you with better products at more affordable prices. We can efficiently manage and reduce operational expenses by locating our corporate operations in inland locations. This is immediately reflected in the prices of our high speed roll-up door and high speed stacking door.

Being among the pioneers of the Chinese high speed roll-up door, we have 27 years of expertise, adhere to advanced production technology and deep industry experience, and are dedicated to offering premium, creatively designed door products. As a leader in the field, we continue to steer the direction of the door industry’s development trend by offering clients an array of options to satisfy a range of door requirements.


What roll-up door width is the widest?
Roll-up doors come in a variety of widths, some of which are incredibly broad for industrial use, reaching lengths of over 100 feet or more.
What sizes are available for roll-up doors?
Standard widths for residential garages are between 8 and 18 feet, while roll-up doors for businesses and industries can be significantly wider.
How much room does a roll-up garage door need to have?
The kind of door and mechanism of a roll-up garage door determine the amount of clearance required.