Flexible Hangar Door

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High Quality Flexible Hangar Door Providers in China

We trust in creativity, expertise, and dependability. As the industry leader in flexible hangar door, we set the bar high with our remarkably expansive and inventive product line. Thus, our engineering division’s comprehensive system solutions, and our wide variety of services.

Apart from offering over 25,000 tools and over 3,000 GSE components for an endless variety of engines and aircraft, we specialize in creating whole-system solutions for flexible hangar door. Many of our clients consider us to be their “preferred supplier” because of our vast product-related service, broad-based engineering experience, and in-depth industry knowledge, all of which we have accumulated over decades.

Installation of Flexible Hangar Door

Space for maintenance hangars is an uncommon resource. Frequently, the hangar’s resources are insufficient to sustain the number of aircraft or are insufficient for the right kind of aircraft. It would be advantageous in these situations to merely store a portion of the aircraft within the hangar.

Regretfully, installing an iris door would often require modifying the hangar. Also, these long-term changes are costly, time-consuming, and may require several building law licenses. Our flexible hangar door is a simple, affordable, adaptable, and completely reversible way to add an iris door to the hangar.

Flexible hangar door and industrial sectional door are available with extremely quick lead times and are customized to fit the specific hangar environment. However, inflating requires just two minutes and a crew of one to three persons. After it’s installed, the Hangar Door system will increase the output of your maintenance. It’s because of crew letting them work in the Hangar’s regulated environment.


What is the material of hangar doors?
Usually composed of steel, aluminum, or a mix of the two, hangar doors provide structural strength and longevity.
What is a hangar door’s height?
A hangar door’s height can vary significantly depending on the size of the aircraft it must fit through.
How do you open a hangar door?
There are three different ways that hangar doors can open: sliding to the side, rolling up, or folding.