Choosing the right industrial door

How to choose a industrial door?

In order to choose the right industrial door, you must first know whether it will be used indoor or at the exterior, then you will need to know the working environment it will be placed in and to characterize the degree of security required. This will help determine what material the door should be made of. Steel is the most common metal used to manufacture doors used in high crime areas. Vinyl and aluminum are other durable materials used in door manufacturing.

Other selection criteria:

  • How it opens: doors can open in several different ways, such as sliding upwards or swing doors opening to the right or the left. Other doors open outwards or inwards. Considering how a door opens is essential to ensuring that operations run smoothly in your facility. The space available to install the door is an important constraint to consider.
  • The type of control: you can choose between manual or remote-controlled doors.
  • The size of the door: it must be practical depending on its intended application. The use of doors over 10 meters wide is not recommended as these doors are more difficult to open.

Some doors add aesthetic value to a building. Wood, tempered glass and Lexan are the materials commonly used for more sophisticated doors.

Why choose a sectional industrial door?

A  sectional industrial door can be useful in a limited space as this type of door only uses the upper part of the room to operate.

This type of door is large, made of insulated panels and installed outdoors. The panels are hinged and lift up to clear the circulation space. Depending on the space available above the door, the panels will be raised vertically, with a certain inclination or sliding along the ceiling.

This type of door can be operated manually or by means of a motorized system. They are very energy efficient. Sectional doors are heavy duty and when they are thick (80 mm) they generally ensure that warehouses, buildings or even more sensitive areas in terms of insulation are closed.


  • for limited spaces
  • for exterior use
  • excellent energy efficiency
  • heavy duty

Why choose a roll-up industrial door?

Industrial roll-up doors are high-speed flexible doors. These flexible but rigid doors offer great lightness and a high opening speed. They are adapted for crossing areas isolated from each other (sound or thermal insulation) and requiring numerous opening / closing movements due to frequent passages. They create an effective separation between production areas and storage areas. However, soft doors do not protect against trespassing.

The high opening and closing speed reduces heat loss, ensuring energy savings. These doors also reduce sound dispersion and protect against dust from nearby work areas.

Lacquered steel or stainless steel doors are intended for installation in protected indoor environments (supermarkets, the food industry, etc.). These doors are generally made of metal and used in industry, but they can also be used to close boathouses or aircraft hangars. They have the advantage of being very easy to clean. Their decontamination is facilitated by the simple and smooth shapes of their metal structure without any indentations.

Other advantages to choosing an industrial roll-up door:

  • Unlimited number of daily openings
  • Easy installation
  • Low-cost maintenance


  • for high traffic areas
  • quick opening and closing
  • easy cleaning and installation